Jul 28 - Aug 1

Results - IDO World Modern & Ballet Championships and Jazz Cups 2009

Country: Canada
City: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hall: Sheraton on the Falls Hotel & Conference Center

World Championship

Discipline Class Category Age group  
Ballet/Pointe - solos female Children results
Ballet/Pointe - solos female Juniors results
Ballet/Pointe - solos female Adults results
Ballet/Pointe - solos male Juniors results
Ballet/Pointe - Duos Children results
Ballet/Pointe - Duos Juniors results
Ballet/Pointe - Duos Adults results
Ballet/Pointe - small groups Children results
Ballet/Pointe - small groups Juniors results
Ballet/Pointe - small groups Adults results
Ballet/Pointe - Formations Children results
Ballet/Pointe - Formations Juniors results
Ballet/Pointe - Formations Adults results
Modern - solos female Children results
Modern - solos female Juniors results
Modern - solos female Adults results
Modern - solos male Juniors results
Modern - solos male Adults results
Modern - Duos Children results
Modern - Duos Juniors results
Modern - Duos Adults results
Modern - small groups Children results
Modern - small groups Juniors results
Modern - small groups Adults results
Modern - Formations Children results
Modern - Formations Juniors results
Modern - Formations Adults results
EpN = Entries per Nation

World Cup

Discipline Class Category Age group  
Jazz Dance - solos female Children results
Jazz Dance - solos female Juniors results
Jazz Dance - solos female Adults results
Jazz Dance - solos male Juniors results
Jazz Dance - solos male Adults results
Jazz Dance - Duos Children results
Jazz Dance - Duos Juniors results
Jazz Dance - Duos Adults results
Jazz Dance - small groups Children results
Jazz Dance - small groups Juniors results
Jazz Dance - small groups Adults results
Jazz Dance - Formations Children results
Jazz Dance - Formations Juniors results
Jazz Dance - Formations Adults results
Productions - Mini productions - results
Productions - large productions - results
EpN = Entries per Nation